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In Private messages I explained to Senthil Kumar that some members of this group do not believe he is a canine handler and that the photo's he posts are his pets. In my best Hindish I explained why there is doubt, Kumar took no offense (as I would have) a very humble man that explained in detail what he does working with his local police. military and police are interchangeable, there is no separation in identifying the dogs by different agencies. So the answer is YES his EDD/P trained canines serve both police and military. Not by American definition or standards but by the standards of his country, India.

Having interest I have asked Kumar to also send me lots of information in their EDD training and certification of EDD. India, although advancing quickly in technology is still a 3rd world country, the materials and supplies are inadequate and would like to ask handlers that any materials that are no longer useful, bite suits, sleeves, agitation muzzles, doggles and boots- even if they are not matching sets I can repair or fix those items to still be useful in the training of our 3rd world EED/P police/war dogs. Items the military would consider expendable.

I can have at least one trunk full of items delivered to Chennai. More than one trunk full from friends that are coming and going would need to go thru customs and there is a charge/fee. But I can have one trunk delivered without any duty attached. So for those who have any doubts or concerns just asking the person directly will give an answer. Hindish English is more difficult to read and easily misunderstood out of context. On his page he even posted his resume, there is a lot that Kumar can learn from Western handlers and a lot that Western people can learn about the East. The East and Middle East are on two different parts of the world globe.
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