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Maintenance Services

Our grooming prices are competitive with other grooming facilities in the area. Grooming prices are based on the size and breed of the pet, the type of grooming desired and the condition of the pet's coat. Nail trimming and expressing of the ANAL GLANDS are included in the complete grooming prices. Prices for simple bathing and brush-out are somewhat lower, but still based on size, breed and condition of coat. We charge Rs. 1000/ round trip to pick-up and return grooming clients

Let us pamper your pet in our grooming center with our unique bathing system. The invigorating Hydro Surge(light gas)® system uses a jet action massage and special shampoos to remove loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris, for the healthiest skin possible. Finishing touches include nail trimming and ear cleaning. Regularly scheduled baths are recommended to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy all year long.

Brush and Hugs Massage:
20 minutes of luxurious spa like treatment. A loving hugs Olive oil & SKIN KOATED massage and gentle brush out will make your dog's day.
Dog Breeding (Matting)
Crossing Charges : Fee Rs 3 000/- to be paid for crossing which is ought to be undertaken in the alter native days during the ovulation period of the female.

Stud Fee: Fee can be paid by either of the following, means, depending of the stud owners interest. By cash , generally the cost of the puppy is paid as stud fee at the time of crossing itself, But the money may not be returned if the pregnancy happens to be a failure. However this amount would be compensated in the next matting.

By stud pup: Male/ female puppy could be given as the stud fee to the stud owner on account of his /her interest .Intimation has to be made as soon as the bitch litter .Puppy sales should not be commenced until the stud owner selects his/ her puppy. Puppy should be nourished and maintained with the mother till 45 days.


This is introduced for the first time in India. Working group dogs exclusively trained for a patrolling, attacking and arrest work (as per SCHUTZHUND TRAINING ) with Highly facilitated handlers is provided. This type of security service is for such a situation when the land lord or the owner is out of station and he needs his property to be guarded or rather a temporary security service.

01.00 Hrs to 05.00 Hrs -- Rs.1000/
01.00 Hrs to 10.00 Hrs -- Rs.2000/

Sub: Quotation for 2 dogs and 2 handler with patrolling works and charges per month.
30 days into 8 Hours= 240 hours.
One Dog with handlers one hour patrolling charges.Rs.125 only.
2 dogs & handlers patrolling charges.
30 into 8=240 hours.(Negotiable)
240 into Rs.250=Rs.6o,ooo only
Company responsibility for Transport facility.
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We primarily deal in Sale, Purchase of : Residential Bungalows/ Individual Houses / Flats / Apartments and Farm Houses, Approved Commercial & Non-commercial Office/Residence Space, Agricultural lands near by Cities.

SHEKAS DEVELOPERS facilitates you to buy or sell your property in Tamil nadu. With an extensive database, latest updated information, authentic and reliable research analysis, DOGS LOUERS (IN OUR CLIENTS )support, maximum number of genuine interested buyers as well as the NRI clients, has certainly increased our credibility in the real estate market
As rearing pet animals is sky rocketing, the need to cope up with the daunting task of pet rearing has become pivotal. In this modern era the needs for pet rearing viz.1.Proper Habitat 2.Expert management 3. Proper exercise 4. Medical facilities 5.nutritious meal plan are also becoming quiet essential.

Sheltering pets :
Kennels for pets should be built in such a way that they feel they are all at home even in the absence of owners . For instance, when the owners are going out of city for a period time, the habitat should make them to feel more convenient and not isolated.

The training provided to pets is namely 1.walking exercise 2.retrieving 3.swimming of the training.

Grooming for the period of at least half an hour after training is quiet inevitable 1.ticks checkup 2.ear and eye checkup chipping 4. Dressing and medication incase of any injuries 5.brushing. Note that hair fall happens twice a year for pets .They are namely weight ,weightless .when weightless hair floats in the air .it causes allergy to the people in the surrounding .hence ,the hair should be gathered and put in dustbin after brushing. 6. Finger massage. When wounds are found on the skin, they should be instantly dressed lest the houseflies will sit on the wound and lay eggs there. The eggs will form into worms, which will make the life of the pet quite miserable. Turmeric will make the wound dry .Camphor is a proven remedy for wounds. Coconut oil will also help to heal the wounds. Neem oil helps in reducing the allergies to a considerable extent. Ear should be cleaned once in three days lest the accumulated dirt in ear will fill the ear with unpleasant odor. Cotton should be wrapped round the little finger to clean the ear.

Food pattern:
The food pattern is quiet important in rearing pets. It should be recognized at the earliest which food timing pattern a particular pet follows. Food timing should never be changed. It should be made sure the food provided to the pets contains required amount of calcium, and multivitamin. Liver tonic should also be continued.

Bathing should be given once in a week or in ten days during rainy season and once in three days during summer season. The days, in which bathing is not given, towel bath is quiet essential.

While the owners of the pets are away from home for a period of time, they could speak to the pets using loudspeaker in mobile. If not the recorded voice should be played to them. Hence, they would keep on listening.

Beauty pattern(beauty parlor):
While the owners are unable to attend to pets, the grooming beauty parlor plays a vital role.
1. When the service is required, the owners could call through phone. Hence, the grooming parlor personal will come to home and do all the grooming and haircut, bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping. As per the medical advice, given by the vets, they will do anal glands also.

2. Those that require the service can bring their pets to the parlor itself. Where they can have the pets to have 1.ticks check up 2.haircut 3.bathing. while providing ticks bathing just make sure the pets are not licking over their body.

Selection of Pups:
The choice of pups is very important for pet rearing. Points to follow while selecting the pups.

  • Ensure the pup is registered ( micro chip ) in kennel club.
  • the hereditary line should be thoroughly analyzed (KCI reg certificate with micro chip)
  • The purpose of the pets should be ascertained before hand.
  • Ensure the pup is breast-fed for forty to forty five days.
  • Health of the pets should be checked is which case the advise of a vet. Would prove to be more handy.
  • Those who are really under economic crisis, can adopt pups from blue cross or have the pups of the stray dogs under the advise of a vet.

  • The country dogs are more advisable for Indian climate as the maintenance cost would be comparatively many folds cheaper . besides training will not to be laborious. moreover , they are quiet adaptable.

    Training the pets is quiet essential for pet rearing. The pets should be taught the house manners in the first place. The duration of pet training will go between forty to one hundred days.

    House manners

    Toilet training:
    Animals have the habitat of going for excretion immediately after having food; the time when the pets excrete should be noted and maintained. The place in which excrete should also be ascertained. Owners should give the command like go outside, go stool side and like wise. To ensure the pets are having clean habitat, three types is vital.

    Voice type :
    Normal voice for order ‘no’ is loud voice for punishment ‘very good’ in sweet voice for making the pet to calm down.

    Reward and punishment:
    Spot punishment is quiet important while pets are involving in unduly activities. When pets excrete in places where they are not allowed to do so, they should immediately be taken out .when the pets are involving in vague activities and spoiling goods, they should be stopped immediately with a term ‘no’ in loud voice.

    Avoiding food poison:
    While they bite toxic materials they should be stopped instantly again with a term ‘no’.

    After 120 days, basic obedience programs should be started in which 1. Leash manners 2. Come when called 3. Distant control 4.Retriving is taught. Advanced training will be started at the end of this program. Dogs can be used in a vast way to detect cancer at early stage. If government and NGOS support the organization.

    Kennel management :
    Pets should be made to feel all at easy in kennels.

    Points to ponder:
  • They should feel the kennels as their own.
  • After play time, the place should make them to feel relaxed.
  • Privacy should be intact.
  • Safety and protection.
  • Should be kept clean and dry.
  • Floors should be washed with dettol like cleansers.
  • If the dogs are let in before the floor dries, they will develop skin allergy.
  • Pets should be trained to urinate once in two hours. Pets are highly prove to lectophyrosis and jaundice if they are allowed to prowl an excrete.
  • Kennels should be well aerated and provided with adequate light source.
  • Mosquito repellents should be installed out of reach of pet.

  • Breeding:
    Bitches (female dog) start menstruating in 8 to 10 months. 7 to 14 days after second menstrual period they should be put for matting. They will beget babies (1 to 14) in 58 to 65 days. As the pups are highly in demand it’s a profitable business .one should do it with a professional expertise.

    Objectives of pet rearing:
    It reduces stress.
    Loneliness is kept at bay.
    In the absence of relatives one will not feel completely abandoned in the company of pets.

    Pets help protecting the house from thieves of all kinds. They can analyze the mind set of a human and help us to earth the hidden agenda of a strange visitor. Those who feel involved and interested can join hands with us for a better and prosperous future. Capital investment is relatively lower and all you need to put in is hard work. Take this opportunity to enter into the club of elite few.

    Selection of dog trainer:
    Ensure the trainers are properly certified by competent authorities.
    Experience and past history in dog rearing.
    Must be affectionate towards pets.
    Clear tone is a quiet essential commodity.
    Haring clean habits.
    Determined and punctual.

    About myself:
    I have been in this field of pet rearing for 20 years. I got selected in dept of police and thereby I had an immense opportunity to become a pet trainer.

    Being affectionate towards pets by birth, I have been in this field not because of money but you know what.
    I know it for sure that there is enough life beyond those printed paper.
    Those who have the heart large enough to accommodate the pets can join hands with us and thereby pave way for a prosperous future.
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