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Shekas Dogs International All kinds of Dogs Training with very Easy Method learn Dogs Owners at your Door Steps.How is Handling Your Dogs.How is your Dogs Room(Kennels ) Cleaning and Management.How is your Dogs Grooming and Bathing and Anal Cleaning Etc..........

Basic Obedience Programs:

1. Heel Walk , (Leash manners,)
2. Distance Control (Sit, Getup, Down, Rest, Flat, Roll & Stay )
3. Come when call.
4. Retrieving.
5. Refusal of food.
Protection Program can teach your dog a variety of skills that include:
1. Barking on command
2. Biting on command
3. Identifying the scent and locating a hidden attacker
4. Handling multiple attackers
5. Protecting your home or property
6. Recognizing aggression towards the owner
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Shekas Dogs Trainer

United States War Dogs Association

In Private messages I explained to Senthil Kumar that some members of this group do not believe he is a canine handler and that the photo's he posts are his pets. In my best Hindish I explained why there is doubt, Kumar took no offense (as I would have) a very humble man that explained in detail what he does working with his local police. military and police are interchangeable, there is no separation in identifying the dogs by different agencies. So the answer is YES his EDD/P trained canines serve both police and military. Not by American definition or standards but by the standards of his country, India. Having interest I have asked Kumar to also send me lots of information in their EDD training and certification of EDD. India, although advancing quickly in technology is still a 3rd world country, the materials and supplies are inadequate and would like to ask handlers that any materials that are no longer useful, bite suits, sleeves, agitation muzzles, doggles and boots- even if they are not matching sets I can repair or fix those items to still be useful in the training of our 3rd world EED/P police/war dogs. Items the military would consider expendable. I can have at least one trunk full of items delivered to Chennai. More than one trunk full from friends that are coming and going would need to go thru customs and there is a charge/fee. But I can have one trunk delivered without any duty attached. So for those who have any doubts or concerns just asking the person directly will give an answer. Hindish English is more difficult to read and easily misunderstood out of context. On his page he even posted his resume, there is a lot that Kumar can learn from Western handlers and a lot that Western people can learn about the East. The East and Middle East are on two different parts of the world globe.

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Kanchi puram district.
Pin code--603102
Tamil nadu, India .
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#3/432,Pandian Salai, Ist Street ,
Neelankarai, Chennai-600041.
Tamilnadu , India .
Tel :91-044- 2449 3460
Mobile : 9884009869, 9884409869, 9962239864.
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KENNEL CLUB OF INDIA (KCI) Registration No: 38/2002
Natrue of Firm: Proprietrix
Name of the proprietrix: S.KALAVATHY SENTHIL KUMAR, B.Sc.,
Experience in Dogs Training Field:  18 years Since 1992 onwards.

ASSISTANCE: Proprietrix’s husband R.Senthilkumar has undergone and completed the Dog’s Training at “National Training Centre for Dogs at Border Security Force Academy ” and before working at Chennai Metropolitan City Police Dog Squad’s Dog Trainer. With the help, advice & assistance of him, the proprietrix providing the Trainings.

Nature of Activity of shekas Dogs International at Dog owner’s premise
Specialty Training in Home dog trainings at Chennai ( Kal pakkam)

1 House Manners & Obedience
2.Handling Training for children
3.Personal Guarding & Attacking (Protection Work )
4.Narcotics & Explosives Search Training. (sniffing  work )
5. Industrial Patrolling.
6. Farm House Security
7. Tracking . (Nose work)
8.  Hunting.
9. Guide dogs training.

Nature of Activity at Shekas Dogs International premises:
1.Providing all types of Trainings to out station Dogs with Food & Shelter.
2.Providing Training to Chennai based Dogs with Food & Shelter when the    owner’s of Dogs were going out of station / country.
3.Providing handling Training to Dog’s owners at our premises.
4.Child handling of Dogs and to prepare them to attend the competition, dog    shows.
5.Swimming Training to dogs from outstation & at Chennai based Dogs.
6.Independant Kennel facility to each Dogs at our premises with proper air,    ventilation and hygienic standards.

Buying & Selling of Hybrid Dogs such as:
1.German Shepherd.
2.Doberman Pinscher
3.Labrador Retriever
4.Golden Retriever.
6.Great Dane.
7.Rottweiler & Mastiff

Aims & Motives of Shekas Dogs International:
1.To conduct All India based Dog Shows Competition
2.To provide Swimming Training and Conduct Swimming competition to Dogs in    All India basis.
3.To develop International standard our Training Centre as NO.1 in India with    the help. Of Dog Lovers, Dog Owners and Financial Supporters with mutual    benefits.
4.To provide Training to Women to handle the Dogs for their self-security.
5.To train the Dogs to predict the natural calamities like Earthquakes, Storms,    Tsunami, Hurricane, Flood etc. and to safeguard the owners from high and    sudden risks.
6.To train the Dogs to identify the Cancer Disease in the human body in the    early stages. This method is now proved by the foreign Universities.
7.To start many Dog Training Centers in the State and Countrywide and to    provide employment opportunities for many people below the poverty line.


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